P-RR-UD 5th draft files

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Two versions

The two versions of the 5th draft are now available: One is with tracking of changes from the 4rth draft , the other without any tracking.

Version 5 with and without tracking of changes.


are still coming in, and I have managed to include most of them by now. If you send additional ones, it is neccesary that I receive them in the precisetemplate provided at the end of the document:
Please consider the 4 headlines we decided upon as well, and mark them up under each example.
If you are missing earlier examples then please tell me, and check if they have a description according to our template. If not please add the text and send to me again. I will then do what I can to add them as well.
Kind regards,
Soren Ginnerup

Sidst opdateret 12. oktober 2012