Towards very low energy buildings

En undersøgelse af konsekvenserne ved en bredere indførelse af meget lavt energiforbrug i bygninger i Danmark, Frankrig, Tyskland, Holland og Storbritanien.

This survey investigates the impacts associated with a wider introduction of very low energy buildings in five Member States of the European Union. In Denmark, France, Germany, The Netherlands, and United Kingdom, energy and CO2 savings were estimated going from current building regulations’ minimum energy performance requirements to the future national standard of very low energy buildings. Based on the estimated savings two different scenarios were calculated, one moving stepwise to very low energy buildings and one moving directly to the very low energy standard for all new buildings.        

Furthermore, an overview is given that outlines established promotion instruments and also the barriers for introducing very low energy buildings in the selected countries.

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Sidst opdateret 16. februar 2009