Concerted Action EPDB

SBi har deltaget i EU's lovgivningsarbejde vedrørende energibesparelser i bygninger.

The EPB Directive requires that Member States implement four main types of measures:

  • Adopt a Common Framework for the calculation of energy needs in Buildings.
  • Set up procedures for periodic reviewing of requirements for new buildings and for major renovations of large buildings.
  • Set up mandatory Energy Certification of Buildings, carried out by recognized experts.
  • Set up mandatory inspections of boilers and air-conditioners, carried out by accredited inspectors.

The global objectives of this CA are as follows:

  • To enhance and structure the sharing of information and experiences from national implementation and to promote good practice concepts in activities required of Member States for implementation of the EPB Directive.
  • To create favourable conditions for an accelerated degree of convergence of National Procedures in EPBD related matters.
  • To complement the work of the Energy Demand Committee (Article 14 of the EPBD) and its ad-hoc group on CEN standards and Certification exercises.

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Sidst opdateret 17. august 2010