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Documentation of mould odour remediation in flats

Artikel i tidsskriftet Healthy Buildings 2003 om måling af lugtgener i boliger som følge af skimmelsvamp.

To ensure that mould remediation in flats is successful, it is important that mould odour is eliminated before occupants return to their flats. Otherwise, occupants will associate the mould odour with continued mould contamination of the flat. The objective of the study was to document the efficiacy of mould remediation in flats with respect to mould odour. Eight flats were studied, which had been evacuated due to problems with mould growth. A pratical method was used where a sensory panel comprising 20 assessors performed sensory assessments in the evacuated flats before and after renovation and again when the flats were re-occupied. The panel assessed the immediate acceptabiliy and the intensity of the selected odour descriptors moulds, tobacco smoke, building materials and food. The proposed method was shown to be useful for documenting that renovation of the contaminated mouldy flats significantly improved the perceived air quality and eliminated the mould odour.

The article has been published in Healthy Buildings 2003, Energy-Efficient Healthy Buildings: Proceedings of ISIAQ 7th International Conference 7-11th December 2003, Singapore, Department of Building, National University of Singapore, & International Society of Indoor Air Quality and Climate, ISIAQ, Vol. 3 (pp. 324-329).

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