Evaluating BeBo – the Swedish procurement group for housing. A follow-up analysis

This report describes the results of a re-evaluation of the strategy and activities of Beställargruppen Bostäder (BeBo) – an innovation network of Swedish housing procurers encouraged and co-financed by the Swedish Energy Agency. The evaluation follows in the wake of a similar evaluation in 2009.

The objective was to evaluate the innovation strategy, organisation and activities of BeBo aiming at reducing the energy consumption in the Swedish housing sector.

Through an analysis of BeBo documents, interviews and a consultation process, the strategy of BeBo was evaluated according to the interrelated strategy components of arenas, vehicles, differentiators, staging and economic logic.

The evaluation concludes that the strategy of BeBo is well-aligned with what is going on in the environment. Despite the appropriateness, certain areas for improvement are also identified.

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Sidst opdateret 23. december 2016