PhD Defense: Wood-burning stoves worldwide: Technology, innovation and policy

28. september 2016 kl. 13-16 forsvarer Ricardo Carvalho sin Ph.d.-afhandling.
28. september 2016 13:00
28. september 2016 16:00
Aalborg Universitet København, A.C. Meyers Vænge 15, 2450 København SV, Auditoriet

Wood-burning stoves worldwide: Technology, innovation and policy
This thesis involves the understanding of anthropological aspects of wood-burning as a source of human evolution. Along the millenniums, the first humans emerged with the development of the “wood-burning stove”: a survival technology. Nowadays, traditional stoves are far the most popular energy technologies in the world used for cooking and heating, constituting their inefficient use the major global environmental health risk. This research explores the characterization of existing technologies, including the most innovative stoves that might play an important role in the mitigation of global climate risks. This work points out the advanced gasifiers and automatic stoves as the best performing stoves able to meet the emission targets established by the World Health Organization. However, many interventions that happened in the past decade in different regions of the world focused on the installation of improved stoves that do not comply with such requirements. This thesis highlights that stoves are used for a diversity of purposes in a diversity of ways. The cases studies conducted in 5 different countries covered the analysis of 4 relevant wood-burning practices: “cooking in Brazil”, “cooking and heating in Peru”, “heating in Portugal” and “recreational heating in Denmark and Norway”.  On these backgrounds, this thesis suggests that energy policies should be implemented taking into account, not only technical aspects, but also behavioral aspects on the design of intelligent interventions. Here, the adoption of a social-technical approach constitutes a relevant contribution to save the health of our planet.

About Ricardo
Ricardo Carvalho has been working since 2009 as a consultant at the Danish Building Research Institute/Aalborg University on the topic of residential wood combustion for heating and cooking, developing knowledge on household interventions and innovative technologies to reduce climate and health risks in Europe and overseas. His PhD work entails the design of testing methods to assess and optimize the real-life performance of wood-log and pellet stoves in future housing across Europe and South America, through his participation in research projects in different EU countries, Norway and Brazil. He holds a MSc. in Sustainable Energy Systems from the University of Aveiro, Portugal.

Attend the PhD defence
Ricardo Carvalho defends his PhD 28 September 2016 at The Danish Building Research Institute, Aalborg University Copenhagen, Auditoriet.

All interested are invited to attend the PhD defence. After wards, SBi will host the reception.

Ricardo Carvalho
MSc. in Sustainable Energy Systems, Ph.D student Ricardo Carvalho
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