How can we use media technologies to explore users’ experience of different lighting scenes?

17 June 2015: Listen and play with media technologies for designing future lighting
17. juni 2015 13:00
17. juni 2015 16:30
Aalborg University Copenhagen, A.C. Meyers Vænge 15, 2450 København SV

Aalborg University Copenhagen and the Danish Lighting Innovation Network invite you to get acquainted with new media technologies, and to evaluate how they are being used to explore, test and validate innovative lighting environments.

Research is needed on how to reduce electricity consumption without disregarding users’ demand for a high lighting quality. This is about the interaction between daylight and various artificial lighting sources. Building-integrated lighting, intelligent lighting, miniaturisation of sources and widespread use of media screens intensify the need to be able to evaluate users’ experience of the total lighting environment.

These opportunities and challenges constitute the background for Aalborg University’s ambitious research programme in interactive and calibrated photorealistic imaging of lighting. Through the combination of highly specialised professional disciplines in lighting technology, architecture and virtual reality, we have built a unique research environment which uses experimental laboratory work to improve our insight into the design of energy efficient lighting without jeopardising lighting quality.

The uniqueness consists in the use of scientifically calibrated tools, both for simulation and data acquisition to explore and monitor users’ experience of different lighting scenes. The versatility of these tools and their availability at low cost creates opportunities to have them shared by a large community and facilitate decision-making. We will present various tools, some linked to simulations, some linked to data recording: eye tracker, EEG, luminance mapper.

Free admission

Please register no later than 11 June 2015 at with “Tilmelding AAU 17. juni” as the subject.



Research Director Søren Aggerholm, Danish Building Research Institute, Aalborg University Copenhagen


A platform for innovation
Lene Hartmeyer, The Danish Lighting Innovation Network


Use of photorealistic imaging for lighting R&D
Professor Marc Fontoynont, Danish Building Research Institute, AAU


Evolution of the use of media technologies by architects 
Sustainability Engineer Anne Iversen, Henning Larsen Architects


Opportunities of media technologies for lighting professionals 
Director Anne Bay, Danish Lighting Center


Competences of students of the new MSc in Lighting Design at AAU-Cph
Associated Professor, Head of Lighting Design Ellen Katherine Hansen, Department of Architecture, Design & Media Technology, AAU


Coffee break
There will be a display of posters with work by the students of the new Master in Lighting Design of AAU


Your turn to play with media technologies
Participants are invited to get acquainted with media technology tools and express their opinion (opportunities and limitations). All participants will get the opportunity to play with all tools. 

Booth 1: Interactive exploration of lighting schemes

Booth 2: Comparing light schemes through photorealistic images

Booth 3: Exploring glare and visibility issues

Booth 4: Immersive Virtual Reality laboratory

Booth 5: Use of eye trackers and 3D acquisition techniques

Booth 6: Recording visual stimuli with EEG


General session about the comments from the participants: Are these tools meaningful? Should we target specific developments?

16.30 End of workshop

Use of calibrated, photorealistic and interactive images for exploration of lighting quality. Danish Building Research Institute, Aalborg University. Photo: Henning Larsen Architects


EEG recording to explore objective response to our environment. Augmented Cognition Lab, Aalborg University. 

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