15 April 2016: Conference on Fire Safety & Health 2016
15. april 2016 09:00
15. april 2016 17:00
Aalborg University Copenhagen

The Conference on Fire Safety & Health 2016 (COFISH16) is arranged by the Danish Building Research Institute (SBi) at Aalborg University, Copenhagen, with focus on fire safety measures and the associated consequences for human health.

The conference aims to debate the consequences of the development in construction materials and fixtures towards increasing use of synthetic building materials, flame retardants, and plastic-based insulating. As a result, toxic gasses are emitted during normal use and not least during fire, which give rise to concern with respect to negative impact on human health, both directly as asphyxiation and pulmonary edema, as well as long term effects suchas cancer.

The Conference on Fire Safety & Health 2016 will cover the following topics:

1. Asphyxiation

2. Toxic emissions from fires

3. Fire development, intensity and toxicity

4. Flame retardants and health effects

5. Elimination of smoke particles from human body

6. Occupational cancer risk among firefighters


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