Bidrag til antologi

Økologisk byggeri i Danmark - fra radikal økologi til et forbrugerorienteret marked?

Bidrag til antologi om bæredygtig arkitektur.

Buildings are responsible for 50% of CO2 emissions and their design has become the focus of intense technical scrutiny. Knowing how to build more technically efficient, or more ecologically, and being able to assemble the social resources to do so, requires different forms of knowledge and practice. There is wide contestation over the optimal pathyways to greener buildings design and great diversity in practices of sustainable architecture.

This edited book brings together leading researchers from across the European Union and North America both to illustrate the diversity of practice and to provide a critical commentary on this key debate. The reader is provided with an introduction to competing perspectives on the sustainable architecture debate; international exemplars of differing practice and an overview of new theoretical and methodological resources for understanding and meeting the conceptual, social and technical challenges of sustainable architecture

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Kirsten Gram-Hanssen

Jesper Ole Jensen

Sidst opdateret 17. februar 2006